4. INNOlounge
April 10, 2019 16:00
Murinsel, Graz

Innovationskultur und Netzwerk in Zeiten der Digitalisierung

Datum: Mittwoch, 10. April 2019 ab 16:00

Ort: Grazer Murinsel

Über die Veranstaltung
Wie wichtig ist Innovationskultur, um neue Ideen zu generieren und wie motiviere ich zum „Neu Denken“? Welche Rolle spielen innovationsfördernde Kooperationen und Netzwerke in Zeiten der Digitalisierung? Wir laden Sie herzlich zur ENABLING INNOVATION INNOlounge auf der Murinsel Graz ein, wo Sie zu diesem Thema zwei spannende Keynotes erwarten.


16:00 UhrEinlass und Registrierung
16:30 UhrBegrüßung
16:45 UhrSascha Mundstein (Senior Manager für Digital Solutions & Emerging Technology bei Pfizer) präsentiert seine Vision für die Rolle der Blockchain-Technologie bei der Transformation des Gesundheitssystems.
17:30 UhrMarkus Hickl (Senior Manager, BDO Consulting) spricht in einem Impulsvortrag über die Herausforderung, sich in einem Unternehmen auf die richtigen Zukunftsthemen zu konzentrieren und diese auch mit der richtigen Methode umzusetzen.
18:15 UhrDiskussionsrunde
18:30 UhrAusklang & Networking


On April 10th, more than 70 guests convened on the "Grazer Murinsel" at the invitation of ACstyria in order to listen to two lectures about the topic of innovation, which were completely different but interesting in equal measure, in a relaxed after-work atmosphere. As Azemina Baltic, Project Leader of ENABLING INNOVATION, emphasised, the venue itself had not been chosen by pure chance: "Our partner companies need to pursue the goal to go with the flow in the leading group - as dynamic as the economic environment may be - even though it may sometimes be necessary to swim against the current. The INNOLounge is the perfect platform for this."

The way this can work out was shown by a first lecture held by Sascha Mundstein (Senior Manager for Digital Solutions & Emerging Technology at Pfizer). Sascha Mundstein outlined his vision for the role of the blockchain technology in the healthcare system. When doing so, Sascha Mundstein presented a model that might dramatically shorten the time needed for the new development of pharmaceuticals. A generalist approach was pursued by Markus Hickl (BDO Consulting), who talked about his experiences he was making in the field of innovation processes within companies as a business consultant. Markus Hickl particularly dwelled on the challenge to put one’s stakes on the right topics. For this purpose, a large portion of creativeness also is needed. Did you, for example, know that Sony is one of the biggest producers of salad? The presentation of methods that should be deployed in companies at innovation processes in order to fertilize the "garden of innovation" was very well received by all guests.

After the lecture, the numerous conversations held in the incomparable atmosphere of the "Murinsel" emphasised that interest in innovation is unbrokenly high in Styria - ACstyria’s research quota amounting to 12%, Styrian companies are among the world’s innovation champions.

This event was co-funded by ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).